The world of foreign currency exchange may seem tricky or you might say foreign, but we are here to clear it up. Find everything you know right here, from when is the best time to exchange (before a trip? During?), to your options on where to do it, security considerations and a little on how we at Foreign Currency and Coin Exchange, do it.

Let’s dig right in.

When should you exchange foreign currency?

Most trips are planned which is why we recommend tending to your foreign currency needs beforehand. Usually, exchanging during a trip will mean higher rates and other security concerns. However, if you want to go into your options for exchanging foreign currency before, during and after your trip, check out our detailed blog post here.

Leftover Currency

Another subject what to do after a trip with leftover foreign coins and bills. Well, here at Foreign Currency and Coin Exchange, we are experts in handling leftover currency. This is a great option to get some cash for things you have lying around the house. It’s as easy as going into our site, filling out a form and mailing it in. You’ll get your cash within days. For this type of transaction, read more here.

Where should you exchange foreign currency?

From your personal bank, to exchange kiosks, hotel lobbies, and online exchange, there are no shortage of options available for your currency needs. However, the real question is, which is the better option? We analyze them in this post.

Online Exchange

At FCCE we believe online currency exchange is unmatched in convenience and pricing. Even considering delivery or special fees, the rates are highly favorable. The online platform allows for flexibility and transparency in choosing exact amounts, special bills and provides the possibility of a wider selection of currencies and their rates. For example, within our platform you find over 130 currencies, rates for old and new bills specifically, and quick and easy delivery.

A lingering concern may be security. However if you choose a safe, trusted and secure platform, this shouldn’t be an issue. Do your research and work with sites that have good reviews on trust pilot and offer reliable service options, such as easy to find contact information (whether that’s chat, email or phone numbers).

Currency Security Considerations

Probably everybody has heard of or lived through a foreign currency scam. We are here to make sure it doesn’t happen again to you or anyone else you know. From getting familiarized with the banknotes, to steps to avoid mishaps, we have the tips to avoid becoming a victim.

We want foreign currency exchange relieved of the burden of scams, which is why are FCCE we have a detailed verification process for each of our transactions. Furthermore, we offer assistance and transparent information throughout our site. With FFCE, what you see is what you get.

When travelling there are a lot of things to juggle, which is why foreign currency shouldn’t be another hassle. In this blog post we get into the specifics of what you should be on the lookout for and give tips in order to keep your money safe.

What currencies can you exchange?

There are 180 recognized currencies within 195 countries. At FCCE, we have over 135 currencies within our inventory, including outmoded banknotes and coins and obsolete currencies and currencies that take us to all the continents.

With over 70% of the world’s currencies within our inventory, we offer a comprehensive platform to both buy and sell your foreign currency. Furthermore, we offer cash for current, outmoded, and obsolete banknotes & coins (plus stamps and gift cards too!). Unlike banks and traditional currency exchanges who are not interested in your coins, small denomination banknotes, or outmoded banknotes, at FCCE, we buy all of these and still offer extremely competitive rates on your currently circulating banknotes. To be perfectly clear we clarify each below.

Currently circulating banknotes and coins

As the name implies, these are the bills or banknotes and coins that are currently in circulation within any given country.

Outmoded banknotes and coins

While every country has their own set of rules, outmoded banknotes and coins refer to bills that may no longer be in circulation because they may have been updated by new designs and rendered outmoded. This is common throughout currency history; specially as new counterfeit measures are included, and materials updated to favor agile transactions in modern times.

Obsolete Currencies

Obsolete currencies are currencies that while official during a period of time, are no longer in circulation now. A good example of these include the currencies of European Union members that were in use previous to the creation of the Euro. The euro replaced currencies like:

Leftover Foreign Currency

Depending on the country of origin, it’s said that the average holiday traveler comes back with anywhere from $60USD to $200 USD worth in unspent foreign cash. But there IS a way to make use of this unused travel money and rescue it from it going unspent and stashed in your drawer, never to be looked at again and that is exchanging it online. Without the hassle of going out or having to add an extra errand to your to do list, within a few clicks you can get your money’s worth, delivered straight to your door. This applies to currencies from your most recent family trip, as well to obsolete or expired currencies like the ones listed above. 


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Why us: Foreign Currency and Coin Exchange

Our company is a safe, trusted and reliable platform where you can sell foreign currency, foreign coins, stamps and gift cards for cash. We offer the opportunity to cash in those old banknotes and coins laying around your drawer. And the best part? Our simple process. To start exchanging, start by going through our complete list here and simply scroll to the country that you have and click on it. You will be directed to a page with photos of all the banknotes and coins that we buy from that country. Our rates are built into each item. Type in how many you have of each banknote and coin and then add each item to your sales wallet. Your sales wallet will keep a running total of how much you will receive in payment from us.